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Nationwide Safe Sales

When considering buying a Safe, you need specialist advice, that’s where WE can assist you.

Purchasing a safe is an investment, so we recommend you give it careful consideration and assess your exact requirements.

Correct safe selection is important to ensure the security of your cash and valuables. Safes are designed for a variety of purposes.

With this in-mind, anything that you can get on the internet, and ‘couriered’ to you, is generally not very heavy or secure…!

Likewise, office-supplies-‘safes’ or hardware-shop ‘safes’ are usually not-much more than a ‘lock-box’ of sorts, and have their own market.

We always recommend the purchase of an accredited ‘Insurance safe’ which will have been independently tested and certified.

We will help you choose in our private showroom from a variety of manufactures and sizes that best suit your exact requirements.

Remember one important thing, NOT everything advertised as a ”Safe” is approved by Insurance companies!!!!!!

Buying online is never going to get you a hi-spec ‘safe’ as it usually has to be within carriers weight-limits to deliver to your premises.

We deliver and install all our safes, and anchor these to the floor, and we use a fleet of unmarked plain-vans for your privacy.

Banking Quality - Reconditioned

Our reconditioned safe range provides the perfect balance between quality and value. Not only do you get a great safe at an incredible price, our very high standards of reconditioning means the safes look brand new. Ex banking quality safes at a fraction of their new price. 2 year on site warranty • Safes are …

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Business Cash Safes Cork

Freestanding Cash & Jewellery Safes, As the title suggests these safes are principally for the secure storage of cash & valuables, so they are designed to perform under the toughest conditions. Quality cash safes are tested to very stringent tests, and once successful they will acquire an approved Insurance rating. This rating relates to the …

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Computer Media Safe in Cork

How  Secure  Are  Your  Computer Backups? Computer Data media is increasingly an integral part of our daily lives but few people recognize the vulnerability of this resource. Computer Data media is sensitive to heat and vulnerable to destruction at much lower temperatures than paper. Additionally, exposure to various elements such as heat, dust, water, light …

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Document Safes

Fire resistant safes: These are primarily designed for protection of paper documents from fire. These safes will maintain an internal temperature of less than 180 degrees for the duration of a fire. We carry a variety of fire safes and fire filing cabinets in two, three, and four drawer units which have been fully fire-tested. …

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Gun Safes

High Security Gun Safes Designed with the serious firearm enthusiast in mind this range of  high quality gun safes will satisfy the needs of the most demanding client. Furniture Gun Safe  More than just a safe, but a piece of furniture. These are a result of a high-tech working process that combines structural strength with …

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Key Safes

Designed with Key Security in mind Keeping the keys to your premises in a secure and organised safe is a fundamental security requirement for many organisations.  Ideal for Car Dealers, Schools, Factories, Hospitals & Business premises. CK-40 is a key locking safe fitted with 40 key storage hooks evenly spaced . Ideal for storage of …

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Under Floor Safes

As the title would suggest these are designed for installation into a re-enforced concrete floor. Out of sight they offer discrete security for the cash and small items of value. Churchill Domestic Range Available in 4 body types, it is the most popular model for domestic and small business requirements. The model shown here is …

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